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Close your eyes; I want you to imagine the last time you blew thoughtfully on the magical bubble of seeds you found in the backyard, when you were young.  Do you remember the wish?  Maybe not, it’s been far too long.  It’s safe to say though, at the time, you hoped that someone , somewhere might catch that little floating seed and make your Wandering Wish come true. 

Welcome to the organization that has caught some of these wishes and is giving you the opportunity to become that someone, somewhere. 

Our mission is to provide beauty services free of charge to young women ages 13-18 living in group foster homes or shelters in their community  by inspiring beauticians of all backgrounds to open their hearts and businesses to help raise the self-esteem  of these young ladies. Typically, group foster homes and shelters do not have any monetary funds allocated to them for beauty necessities. Things we take everyday for granted such as getting a hair cut, having makeup, or even styling tools or products, are rare occurrences for these girls. Simple provisions such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, sanitary needs, and deodorant seize most of the budget for personal care.  Can you imagine being a 15 year old girl unable to make yourself look and feel presentable for the day?  This is a crucial age where the majority of teenage girls are vulnerable to self-image anxieties. The need is great for providing, teaching, and modeling appropriate ways to express ones self-image.  

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